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More About the Service We Offer

With over 20 years of experience, the expert electricians at Hartsfield Electric of Tallahassee know how to professionally tackle any electrical job your property needs. Based in Tallahassee, FL, our team can do much more than changing the lightbulb at your attic. That being said, it doesn’t matter how big or small your request is, if you need our help, we will send our professionals to you as soon as our availability allows us. Here to learn what we do? Keep reading!

Electrical Repair

Doing any electrical repairs on your own is not advisable as it’s related to major safety risks for you and the people around you. Maybe it’s a flicker that is giving your problems and maybe an improper electrical installation from the past has come back to haunt you? Whatever made you look for a professional electrician in Tallahassee, FL is a good enough reason to call us.

Electrical Installation

You’ve been well into the process of building a new home and it’s time to consider all aspects of electrical installation. That’s usually the stage at which our clients would call us for help. When you meet with our professionals in Tallahassee, FL, they will discuss your construction project with your and your contractor and will give you an estimate and timeframe for the job.

Electrical Replacement

Partial or full, if you are doing a remodel, chances are it will incorporate some kind of a system replacement. Rewiring of your home or changing just a component requires the help of a dependable electrician. Hartsfield Electric of Tallahassee has plenty of those at your disposal, so don’t hesitate to call us.


Common issues with your system have a very obvious cause and they lead to a single component from your electrical system and its failure. But sometimes, it’s not easy to identify why your equipment is failing. That’s when you call one of our technicians to help you by running some tests and checking out your whole system.

Sports Lighting

If you are an owner of a sports field and you are looking for an affordable outdoor lighting installation, we’re here to assists. We can offer you a variety of energy-efficient & cost-effective solutions that suit your budget and your field’s needs.

Call (850) 575-5845 and speak to our professionals that will provide you with a free estimate and more information on the service of your choice!