How to Hack Your Electric Bill

Tips by an Electric Services Provider on How to Lower Your Utility Expenses

The average US homeowner’s utility bill is constantly increasing, with the average being about $163 per month. Unfortunately, the prospects are that the situation won’t get any better thanks to a round of rate hikes being rolled out by big investor-owned utilities. Luckily, the electric services provider Hartsfield Electric of Tallahassee has discovered an ingenious way for you to keep that money on yourself, that we would like to share with you. Of course, they have nothing to do with gaming the system – they aim to just show you how you can reduce your bills by making some minor changes in your habits.

Hack 1: Batch and shut off your gadgets

Energy meter devices are great but you often do not need such a new gadget to tell you how much power your old ones are using. Batch all your stuff on power strips, then turn the strips off when you are going to bed at night or to work during daytime. The following appliances are appropriate for an auto-shut: LCD computer or TV screen, computer speakers, DVR, DVD player, game console, inkjet printer, microwave, coffee maker, etc. Do not apply this for a boiler, refrigerator, freezer or other appliances which need to be running constantly. By doing this you can save up to $100 a year on utility bills.

Hack 2: Buy all your electricity in advance

Just imagine that you could buy all the gasoline you will ever need for your car at the prices today. You will definitely benefit in the future when the price rises. A pre-paid solar Power Purchase Agreement does pretty much the same when we speak about providing energy for your domestic needs. It is an amazing fact but the average savings for a 20 years’ worth of electricity on a pre-paid PPA is 76%. Unfortunately, they are only available in a few states and Florida is still not one of them.

2 Small hacks:

– Go solar with your space heaters during the winter and reduce your gas bill.

– Get a full frontal washing and drying machine. They use one third of the water and their drying time is shorter. This will save you about 7% of the money you pay for electricity!

If you need to learn more about electric services and options to help you reduce your monthly energy bills you can stop by at our office in Tallahassee, FL, or call us at (850) 575-5845!

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