How to Hack Your Electric Bill

Tips by an Electric Services Provider on How to Lower Your Utility Expenses

The average US homeowner’s utility bill is constantly increasing, with the average being about $163 per month. Unfortunately, the prospects are that the situation won’t get any better thanks to a round of rate hikes being rolled out by big investor-owned utilities. Luckily, the electric services provider Hartsfield Electric of Tallahassee has discovered an ingenious way for you to keep that money on yourself, that we would like to share with you. Of course, they have nothing to do with gaming the system – they aim to just show you how you can reduce your bills by making some minor changes in your habits.

Hack 1: Batch and shut off your gadgets

Energy meter devices are great but you often do not need such a new gadget to tell you how much power your old ones are using. Batch all your stuff on power strips, then turn the strips off when you are going to bed at night or to work during daytime. The following appliances are appropriate for an auto-shut: LCD computer or TV screen, computer speakers, DVR, DVD player, game console, inkjet printer, microwave, coffee maker, etc. Do not apply this for a boiler, refrigerator, freezer or other appliances which need to be running constantly. By doing this you can save up to $100 a year on utility bills.

Hack 2: Buy all your electricity in advance

Just imagine that you could buy all the gasoline you will ever need for your car at the prices today. You will definitely benefit in the future when the price rises. A pre-paid solar Power Purchase Agreement does pretty much the same when we speak about providing energy for your domestic needs. It is an amazing fact but the average savings for a 20 years’ worth of electricity on a pre-paid PPA is 76%. Unfortunately, they are only available in a few states and Florida is still not one of them.

2 Small hacks:

– Go solar with your space heaters during the winter and reduce your gas bill.

– Get a full frontal washing and drying machine. They use one third of the water and their drying time is shorter. This will save you about 7% of the money you pay for electricity!

If you need to learn more about electric services and options to help you reduce your monthly energy bills you can stop by at our office in Tallahassee, FL, or call us at (850) 575-5845!

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What Can an Electrical Contractor Do for You?

How Can an Electrician Keep You Safe

DIY electric work can be extremely dangerous. An electric shock can cause burns, pain, damage to tissues and even death. For this reason you better turn to a well-qualified electrician in Tallahassee, FL. Every time you have a problem with your electrical supply or appliances. Today, we have decided to list a few of the things which a licensed electrical contractor can help you with. So, read further and find out which are some of the main reasons for the families in the local community to book electrical services.

reliable electrician1. An electrician can replace all of your residential or commercial light bulbs with energy-efficient ones. Such conversion is normally done to save money and energy  – LED offers: 50,000-hour lifespan, $80 savings over a CFL bulb, $540 savings over incandescent bulbs.

2. An electrical maintenance specialist can install and maintain the wiring, fuses, as well as the other mechanisms that electricity flows through.

3. Some contractors can also maintain or set up electrical equipment in factories.

4. An electrical expert has the ability to read blueprints in order to understand where circuits, panel boards, outlets, load centers, and other electrical equipment is located.

5. Electricians also can be booked to help you connect all wire types to circuit breakers, or outlets. They have specially designed connectors to help them join wires into boxes.

6. They have a variety of appliances, they can operate with in order to fix any problems with your electrical system or perform a new type of installation: wire strippers, conduit benders, pliers, screwdrivers, saws, hacksaws, drills, etc. They use it every time a connection needs to be tested, in order to make sure a component is compatible and safe.

If you have just realized that you need such expert services, or at least an electrical inspection that will show you whether there are some issues with your wiring, you better contact the local company Hartsfield Electric of Tallahassee, at (850) 575-5845.  Book the electrician you always wanted without being overcharged with fees you don’t want to pay.

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How to master DIY Electrical Safety

Tips for Performing Safe Electrical Services

Working in fields such as gardening, painting, carpeting and even plumbing, can include work with electrical power. However, safety is of the utmost importance, and should always be taken into consideration. Working in a careful and safe manner, is something that should be number one priority in everyone’s list. Here are some tips on how to work according to the health and safety standards, for the sake of keeping yourself safe.

  • Whether you are a professional or amateur electrical technician, when performing any kind of electrical service, electrical safety plays an important part when it is performed. That is why knowing what you are doing, ensures safe and confident performance.

  • electrical serviceSafety demands undivided attention and a common sense approach. Being careful and concerned with the process on how you perform a task, is an important matter. That is why, it is advisable that you do not hurry. Getting organized and planning your aims, allows you to accomplish your project on time. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time.

  • Working with high voltages is not only dangerous, but can also be lethal. That is why when working on a circuit that involves electricity, you should shut the power off.

  • It is a good idea to keep a flashlight in your pocket, in case of a power cut.

  • For any electrical service that you perform it is advisable to use fiberglass ladders. They are non-conductive, unlike aluminum ladders, for example. It is worth investing in a good fiberglass stepladder.

  • Make sure that, when you perform any electric service, you do not work in the rain, or in damp or wet locations.

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